My preferred way to make a banging header copy.

I know there are many copywriting techniques and styles out there and However, in my over 20yrs experience, I feel there are certain rules that are universal, irrespective of your individual style these rules go beyond trends and will outlive all advertising age irrespective of channel or media.

Make that header Copy as Personable as possible
Generalizing when writing is as synonymous as being christened “Mr. nobody”. Always write to one individual using the second person. Doing this differentiates the message from “just another marketing message” to “a message that’s relevant to me”. The more relevant a headline feels to each person reading it, the more likely they are to convert.
So use “you”, “your” and other words that add a personal touch to your headlines. this surely increases your success rate of causing a positive reaction which includes how well people remember you and what you offer.

Rule 2:
Emphasize power words
They don’t always apply, but when words such as ‘free,’ ‘new,’ and ‘exclusive’ are emphasized you have a strong emotional impact. When you use them in your headlines, you’re tapping into desires and triggering an emotional response. This can be incredibly effective in getting people to stop and take notice of your ad.”

Rule 3:
Urgency is an advantage
Do you remember how phrases like “today only”, “limited time offer”, “flash sale”, and “shop now” made you feel like you were going to miss out of something special?
Especially if your offer is truly time-sensitive, you can also use this approach to encourage people engage or act right away.

Rule 4:
Numbers don’t lie…me thinks
Numbers quantify benefits and positions you as knowledgeable. Statistics can get people curious about a topic as well at the same time, make you seem trustworthy of whatever you’re speaking to/advertising giving potential customers an immediate reason why you deserve their attention.

Rule 5:
Put your best foot sorry…usp forward
“How does choosing you benefit me?” Answering that question is the key to grabbing potential customers’ or users’ attention, and getting them to convert. So get clear on your value proposition and put it front and center.

Highlight what you’re doing differently or better most importantly, why it matters to the audience.

Connecting with the audiences pain points
Just call it PAS…The Pain Agitate Solution framework is one of the most popular approaches to copywriting for a reason. Pain and, more specifically, searching for relief from pain, is a big motivator for people.
So try mentioning a major pain point or struggle your audience has in your headline. And make it clear that you have a solution that works. If you do both, you’ll inevitably see more response positively.

There you have it… from me to you.