Ad guy, Hard guy!

Ad guy, Hard guy!  Let your creativity breathe As a proper ad guy (Creative advertising professional), how do you always feel when you have your table filled with ongoing briefs and your Account Managers bless you with a flurry of requests like; “The client wants this ASAP. Please drop whatever you’re doing and get on […]

Of Opportunity to Create

The saying chances favor the prepared mind rings true for anyone in any discipline and a lot more for creatives everywhere, why you may ask. Well, creativity is mostly seen as a natural gift where brilliant ideas seemingly materialize out of thin air at the chance or need, which is why many people take it […]

Be a Goal Digger

Wow, what a rollercoaster of a year it has been! It’s been a rough year, from the elections to the hike to the removal of the fuel subsidy to more hikes in prices…Whew…we are really passing through a lot. All these can definitely allow you to forget and trash your goal(s) for the year. I […]

My preferred way to make a banging header copy.

I know there are many copywriting techniques and styles out there and However, in my over 20yrs experience, I feel there are certain rules that are universal, irrespective of your individual style these rules go beyond trends and will outlive all advertising age irrespective of channel or media. Rule1: Make that header Copy as Personable […]

From Boring to Bold: a guide to boosting creativity and innovation in our workspace

Advertising is an industry that thrives on creativity and innovation. It requires constant ideation and thinking outside the box to come up with new and innovative ideas that can capture consumers’ attention. However, creativity and innovation are not always easy to come by, and it’s crucial for advertising agencies to find ways to enhance these […]

Biggie & I, Pre-Presentation Rituals…

Getting inspiration from the Notorious BIG. As easy as it sounds this goes a long way…Like the totem in inception that differentiates what’s real to you and what’s a dream. Everyone needs that little action or series of actions you carry out that helps with the hibbie-jibbies before public speaking, or in our case pitching. […]

How to Add Value to Your Online Content

The most important thing to consider when it comes to online content creation is to make sure the content provides value. When a brand creates value for its consumers with its content, this encourages them to remain loyal and stick around because they have grown to trust and depend on the brand to provide content […]

Effective Communication in Advertising

Communication is the simple act of exchanging information from one person, group or  place to another. It’s a two-way exchange, where the sender relays the message and the receiver responds in kind ensuring the sender the information was received. Advertising is a method of communication organisations and brands use to relay  information to their customers […]

Why Monitoring Advertising Campaigns is Important

Aside from an increase in demand or number of usage by customers which notes that an advert campaign is running successfully, it is also important to track and record how the adverts for a campaign are being received on the various platforms they are shared on, which is where monitoring of advertising campaigns come in. […]