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Introductory Message – Since Diamond Bank merger with Access Bank, the bank customers have been making use of both banks legacy apps. To unify the account holders of both banks, a new mobile banking app was built, Access More.

The launch of the new app introduced the Access Rewards Scheme which gives customers who use the app for their transactions redeemable points. While we can be certain that a rewards scheme will build a repeat usage culture with our customers on the app, we are still unsure of the exact reasons hindering/delaying possible migration from legacy apps.
Key Tactic – Selling Access More as the app that gives you more.

Execution Process – The campaign was divided into two, the first awareness, making use of online social platforms and influencers to build up a conversation and introduce Ziing to the Target audience and the second conversion, using the momentum built, strategically using social media, online and influencers to turn the target audience to customers and grow the customer base.

Result –