Case Studies

Communicating brand
value through visual


Ziing App Download

Ziing faced the enormous challenge of competing among the many fintech firms offering financial services such as investments, savings, and payments. However, our plan guaranteed a dedicated spot in the limelight.

Putting Ziing in the spotlight.


Key Tactic:

Positioning Ziing
as the best package
for more wealth



The campaign was divided into two;

Awareness– making use of online social platforms and influencers to build up a conversation and introduce Ziing to the Target audience.

Conversion – riding on the wave of the momentum built during awareness, this stage strategically uses social media platforms and influencers to elicit action; converting prospects into customers.

Execution Channels
Animated Videos
Influencer Videos
Creative Banners


The result:

KPIs were exceeded with total app downloads amounting to 61.1k, against the 55k goal set at the beginning of the campaign.